Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures

After-party pants

These are the pants I made for the after party.


Here are the centerpieces with the aisle runners we made. We also came up with the centerpieces. The place cards have poker hands glued to them and they match the hands at the tables which is in the other picture. This is instead of table numbers. The Seinfeld picture has my husband and I in it. My friend did this. We are huge Seinfeld fans. This was our sign-in. The third picture is how we used the aisle runner and planters at the reception.


Here is the bridal cape that my sister-in-law and (her) mother made. It was beautiful!

Candy Buffet

Here is the candy buffet. It was such a hit that I didn't get a picture of it before it was bombarded by guests! There are few containers knocked over in this picture!

Here is the cake that my stepmom made. It was red velvet. Yummy! The arbor was wheeled in from the ceremony room to go over the cake. It was perfect!

Arbor/Ceremony Decor

Here is the beautiful arbor and planters that my dad made. My stepmom decorated everything including the flowers, greens, lights, and branches. It was beautiful! There were even 2 more planters and branches at the other end of the aisle runner. The arbor and 2 planters will be in my yard eventually.

Aisle Runner

Here is what the aisle runner looked like at the wedding. I was very happy with it!