Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here are the centerpieces with the aisle runners we made. We also came up with the centerpieces. The place cards have poker hands glued to them and they match the hands at the tables which is in the other picture. This is instead of table numbers. The Seinfeld picture has my husband and I in it. My friend did this. We are huge Seinfeld fans. This was our sign-in. The third picture is how we used the aisle runner and planters at the reception.


  1. Hey Natalie,
    Do you still have your Runners?? I'm interested in purchasing them. How many do you have??


  2. I was wondering the same thing as the person above me asked..Where did you find the damask runners if you have already sold them?


  3. I checked on my runners (I hadn't since the wedding) and there are too many stains and wax from the candles on them for me to sell them. I got the fabric at warehousefabrics.com. Then, my mom just hemmed the sides. I made the 2 yards and was able to cut them into thirds.

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